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Transformative Woodworking Solutions with Style

At Regenerate Wood, our service offerings encapsulate a wide spectrum, ensuring your space not only speaks volumes about craftsmanship but also resonates with the dynamic energy of skateboard artistry. Choose from our diverse services, each promising unparalleled quality and a reflection of Brad’s meticulous artisanship and skateboard-centric aesthetics.

  • Custom Countertops:

    • Craft countertops that tell stories. Using premium woods and recycled skateboards, we provide your space with functional, yet artistic pieces that serve as the focal point in any room. Each countertop is carefully designed and crafted to meet your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

  • Custom Commercial Woodworking:

    • Elevate your commercial space with custom woodworking solutions designed for impact. From unique reception desks to complete fit-outs, our services are tailored to reflect the personality and ethos of your business, providing a unique blend of professionalism and skateboard-inspired aesthetic.

  • Custom Shelving:

    • Discover shelves that are not just about holding items but making a statement. Designed for functionality and style, our custom shelves provide a unique character to your space, crafted from the finest woods and vibrant, recycled skateboards.

  • Recycled Skateboard Furniture:

    • Experience furniture that is as sustainable as it is stylish. Our recycled skateboard pieces are not just about reusability but also about bringing a piece of the skateboard culture into your living or working space, crafted meticulously to provide function and form.

  • Custom Builds:

    • Your vision, meticulously crafted. At Regenerate Wood, we turn your ideas into tangible pieces of functional art, whether it’s a piece of furniture, a unique installation, or anything in between, always with the option of incorporating recycled skateboard elements for that unique touch.


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